You may still be spending most of your days at home with family right now. If so, then your home and, what you fill it with, may seem more important than it ever has. Decor and furniture come in so many styles, it often takes a bit of time (even years) to figure out what you gravitate towards and want to surround yourself with. I thought this post on how to transcend trends was useful for anyone looking to create an environment that will bring them comfort and happiness in their own space.

“When thinking about a home, I like to imagine how it will feel five, ten, even fifteen years down the line. Because at the end of the day, a home should be a visual expression of your tastes, and your experiences, and your life. It should exude a sense of identity within its walls rather than replicating whatever style is popular at the given moment”. – Julia Miller

The below photo shows a lovely vignette in our shop. The Brent sofa is one of our best sellers, clean lines with a higher back and a simple curved arm. Made in Toronto, it is sure to be a piece you will love for years. It is available in a variety of durable fabrics perfect for a busy family and every day living.

The other day I read an article about Finland being the happiest place on earth, even now during this pandemic. They are offering free virtual happiness classes that start May 29th. “To help during these trying times, we wanted to share some of our tips on how to become happy like a Finn no matter where you are physically”. I think we all could use a bit more calmness in our lives, might be fun to check it out.

I really enjoy actor Will Arnett and got a kick out of him teaching the world Canadian Slang in this video. Not everyone knows about our beloved Poutine! Speaking of Poutine if you have not tried The Spice Co. in Lakefield you are missing out. The other day my family & I went for a car ride just so we could enjoy Chef Brian’s handcrafted masterpiece for a picnic lunch. We ordered over the phone and pick up and payment was extremely safe.

Only in Canada can you wake up to find a moose in your swimming pool! I cannot even imagine how the homeowner was feeling.

I saw these unique postcards and thought they were so cool. I’m not sure if I’m tech savvy enough to create my own but hopefully some of you are. What a great way to stay connected to family and friends. I’m sure a handwritten note or card would be just as meaningful.

I saw the Clark family singing together on Ellen and it made me so happy. The daughter has got some moves that’s for sure! They have created daily songs during quarantine, you can check them all out here.

I’ve got another fun colouring sheet for the entire family. My daughters were excited to create colourful backyard birds that we see daily in our yard.

The above photo caught my eye by Michael James Schneider, he is so creative and this is beautiful! Make sure you check out his other art pieces.

Engineer Mark Rober has made a very cool Squirrel Ninja Warrior course. Check out the video here, my kids loved it!

Amy Schumer and her husband, who is an actual chef, have a new Quarantine at home cooking show on The Food Network. It will make you laugh I guarantee!

This farmer caught such an amazing video, check it out here.

I am one of the artists in our community who helped create the print shown below. All proceeds are going to the Peterborough Regional Health Centre. We each took a letter and created them individually and brought them together into this piece designed by Emma Scott. Our goal is to raise $5000, each 11×14″ print is $50 (+hst) with a limited print run of 100. You can order your print by sending a direct message through the Ptbo Arts Collective here. I am so happy to be a part of this project and give back to our frontline workers.