At Twohey Home you are not just buying functional items. You are also upgrading your home lifestyle while giving your family something to enjoy for years to come. Imagine a space that functions exactly as needed, yet still feels relaxed and composed. We have some new lighting fixtures in the shop and continue to add to our selection monthly. You can always shop online if you are not local.

“Lighting is an essential element in your home, both functionally and aesthetically. Not only does it brighten and set the mood of a space, it also adds interest and dimension, helping create a sense of space and making your home more liveable. Whether you are looking to lighten up a little nook, add some drama to your dining space, dress your entrance or add an ambient glow to your outdoor entertaining zone, we have options and tips for every room in your home.”

This post will give you some tips on how high to hang your sconces, pendants or chandeliers.

Below photos by Veranda Interiors and Astro Design.

If you have small kids or messy family members in your family, this might be a good post to read if you are looking for new furniture.

This video made me smile!

I have always been inspired by designer and potter Johnathan Adler’s colourful designs and patterns. Here’s a tour of his home if you don’t know his style. I enjoyed  listening to him chat in this interview.

If you have a garden full of fresh tomatoes and need some new recipes check out this post. Summer Quiche is always a favourite, add whatever ingredients you have in the fridge.

Since we are not going to the movies again any time soon, create your own relaxing theatre room at home. Love the use of these chaise lounges in this space designed by Erin Gates.

This is a stunning kitchen renovation by designer Claire Staszak. “It’s great example of how small kitchen design can have a major impact and be very functional when planned and executed well!”- Claire Staszak.

If you need a work area for your kids or yourself checkout these inspiring home offices.

I could eat this meal a lot! So yummy.

I read this the other day and as a creative person, I thought this might inspire you.

“Another secret to living a happy, fulfilled life is living a life infused with creativity. Creativity isn’t going to be the magic cure all for diseases or life expectancy, but it will help you live a better quality of life, no matter how long or short. Creativity gives us an ongoing opportunity to have something to look forward to which in turn helps us find more purpose in life. Motivation can lead to a greater desire to live our lives to the highest quality we’re capable of. Creativity offers rich quality-of-life rewards to those who are courageous enough to follow its calling. Besides, no one reaches the end of their life and thinks, “I wish I’d spent less time being creative and less time expressing myself through things that bring me joy.” – Samantha Welker

If you feel like going for a road trip, check out Field Made Goods that opened up in Picton last month. Four talented makers have come together to showcase the beautiful pieces they hand craft. Below photo by Field Made Goods.