“I’ve always thought the healthiest, most dramatic, and perhaps least inexpensive way to make an interior par excellence is through the use of lots and lots of plants. Especially now, during COVID-19, it’s so crucial to create space that offers both nature and nurture.” – Whitney Frances Falk

So many people I know have really tried to have a green thumb over the past few months. Plant Goals is a local shop in Peterborough, if you are looking for a specific type of houseplant make sure to check them out. Check out this list for the best house plants for your health and home. If you are working from home, a touch of greenery on your desk might make your day that much better.

If you enjoy podcasts, here are a few design podcasts you might enjoy.

This is a great article where popular TV writers like Tina Fey and Mike Schur, share what their characters would do in a pandemic.

The Chocolate Rabbit in Lakefield has some wonderful gift ideas for the holidays. I love this new collaboration with local artists designing chocolate bars.

One day when we can travel again, these dream luxury destinations might need to go on your list. For a local night away check out this Airbnb Geo dome in Keene.

I love this artist’s work. “In each shot, she holds up a photographic slide of her family in a similar location, juxtaposing the decades-old visual against a current-day backdrop.” Photograph by Catherine Panebianco

As I get older I feel like I never know what to ask for when it comes to my Birthday or Christmas. If you have friends or family that have everything or just don’t need anything, here are a few helpful lists. This one is for women, and here is one for men.

The holidays are fast approaching and for sure it will feel different this year. “Celebrating alone or with a smaller group than usual doesn’t mean you can’t still feel the holiday cheer.” Here are some ways to cope and hopefully enjoy yourself.

I don’t think it is too early to start trying out some of these festive cocktail ideas.

If you are like me and enjoy a good bowl of soup, here are some recipes to get you through these colder days.

Maggie is such a wonderful person, and promotes healthy gluten-free living. If you need some healthy recipes, check out her blog. Pumpkin granola would be a hit at our house.

If you love candles check out the beautiful collection by Laurel of East City Candles. Lots of great gift ideas! Your weekly dinners could get a little better if you take the time to relax and light a few candles. Photo by East City Candles.