…take a breath and relax. Kids have started back to school and many families are going through a lot of changes right now. It’s a crazy time in the world  and I often feel a little unsure of what to write about. I don’t want to repeat headline news, instead I hope to take your mind somewhere else for a few minutes. Some uplifting and humorous clips/videos mixed with some home decor content, recommendations on books, recipes and gift ideas.

I love Tom Petty and this made me smile. If you feel like watching a great documentary on his life check this one out. It’s long but worth it.

If you have a friend or family member moving into a new home this year, check out this list of housewarming gifts.

This couple look like they are having fun at work.

Animals are so sweet, watch this video.

I just discovered local company Fare Fine Foods and wanted to share it with you. Located in Keene, Ontario they provide meals and catering. “Fare takes pride in the area, as we are surrounded by farmers, of whom naturally or organically produce their local meats, cheeses and vegetables, right off the beautiful rolling hills that are spectacular to this countryside.  Fare Fine Foods was created to give you peace of mind that you are eating real food, “whole” food, prepared personally, just down the road and harvested locally.” – Fare Fine Foods

Check them out on Instagram and see some of the yummy food they prepare. Above photo by Fare Fine Foods.

“When I started to downward spiral last week, thinking of being trapped inside this winter, with zero prospect of a sunny vacation, I decided to make a list of items I needed to make it through. Surprisingly, the first one on my list was not wine. Or toilet paper. Or cans of soup. It was puzzles.” – Cassandra LaValle.  Check out her list of  puzzles here.

If you’ve been following along since the beginning, you know I love a good dog video. This rescue story made me very happy.

This year Thanksgiving may not be the social gathering it normally is for some. This movie looks like it may be funny!

This East Hampton cottage tour caught my eye. Check it out here. Below photo by Eric Striffler.

This house tour from HGTV is so lovely and bright. The designer mentions that she needed to find the perfect comfortable low profile seating so the couple could sit and relax without blocking the view outside. We have just received the perfect chair in the shop if you are looking for that wow piece!

Made in Toronto the Fae custom swivel chair is available in fabric or leather. If you are hoping to have any pieces arrive in time for the holidays I would recommend that you stop by soon.

These ten new murals honouring front-line workers in the streets of Toronto are wonderful!

Guess what? Tomorrow we are going to announce a fun giveaway on our social media. Make sure you are following us for all the details!

Have a great week everyone. Below photo by Mike Quigg.