Above photo by decoraid.

We just got in a new collection of rugs. Stop by soon to see which one will best suit your space.  Available in a great selection of sizes, patterns and weaves, we’ve got something for everyone. Machine washable rugs for families with kids and pets, cozy wool rugs full of texture for the bedroom or living room. When you start with a great rug you can build off of it. The colours don’t necessarily need to stand out. You can make the rug the star of your decor through pattern or texture alone.

The best way to set the vibe, according to designer Jenny Komenda, is with a perfect rug. “It’s so easy to tweak the other choices in the room to fit the rug, but finding a perfect rug after furniture, soft goods, and paint colors are set—well, that’s going to take a lot more time.” 

Who doesn’t love toss pillows? I recently read that they are the stuff toys for adult women. I think it might be true in some cases.

We have just received a wonderful variety of fabrics like linen and cotton, perfect for the summer. If you are afraid of doing bold patterns and colours on larger furniture pieces, have fun accessorizing with smaller things like throws and pillows. They are the easiest and quickest ways to experiment with colour.

Here are a few things I came across this week:

This poet is four years old and he just landed a book deal. How cool!

We love the Raptors at Twoheys, and are happy to see they are using their voices to help.

The AGO is giving away free passes until August 16th. “We want to extend an artful thank you to the many front-line workers — in hospitals, grocery stores and on mass transit — who kept Ontario running during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Valid for one year, the Annual Pass will enable front-line workers to book a timed-entry ticket for free, whenever they wish.”

If you need a laugh my friend posted this woman singing and I couldn’t help but share it with you. She may be better than me, I cannot hold a tune.

Artwork by Morgan Harper Nichols.